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The Demonic Science of Mind Control (Part Three)



Polluted Ear
The Demonic Science of Mind Control (Part Three)

Evil Lurks Within: Blending Sounds with Satanic Power

Author: Sean Jutzi
Source: the Only One Way blog – 05.05.2015

Mind control and music? Absolutely! Before his fall from God’s heavenly realm Satan was the most beautiful angel of God. His beauty and form surpassed all other angels, his name was Lucifer, and he may have been the leader of angelic praise and worship in heaven.
So is it any wonder that Satan is the ultimate controlling factor over the secular music industry? From the artists, performers, and executives who knowingly produce and present a Luciferian agenda for the masses to those who are unknowingly directed and manipulated by demonic power to program the heart and mind with their presentations, the secular music industry today is cancerous and rotten to the core.

Before going into the rather obvious Luciferic messages being programmed into the minds of listeners through symbolism and direct satanic reference I want to examine the occult and demonic things that are happening under the surface. Music, with all of its complex layers and harmonics, can be manipulated scientifically to directly affect your subconscious mind and thoughts. The advent of digital science, which has replaced the old analog systems, makes it relatively easy to knowingly manipulate the product. It is no great feat, then, for the destroyer and his demon spirits to manipulate the minds and agendas of the producers of this product for the sole purpose of affecting the final outcome: you!

“The revolutionary development from analogue to digital sound has had a notable impact on many aspects of cinema and on music and sound perhaps more than most all other areas, allowing minute alteration and precise manipulation of all aural aspects.”
K.J. Donnelly, Occult Aesthetics: Synchronization in Sound and Film

“It is hardly surprising that music, which is so closely wedded to the imagination, to the manipulation of emotion, and to religious ritual (see Partridge, 2013a: 37-59) should be used to articulate esoteric ideas. Moreover, that popular music in particular has consistently been attacked by society’s moral gatekeepers (see Partridge, 2013a: 13-36) and is often linked to Dionysian excess and transgression has made its marriage to occult discourse an easy and obvious one. Young (and nowadays, not so young) people who are often keen to distance themselves from the previous generation’s religion and morality, who seek to shape their own liminal identities, have found the cordial relationship between the occult and popular music an engaging and empowering one. Indeed, along with film, popular music has become one of the principal disseminators of occult thought in the modern world. There is little chance that this close and well-matched relationship will not continue to grow in the years that lie ahead.”
Christopher Partridge, The Occult World

Let us examine the relationship between the electronic music genre and the satanic/Luciferian messages being presented to the participants. The genre of Electronica lends itself well to the technical manipulation of the product for the purpose of invoking demonic spiritual activity in the lives of the participants, and the use of trance-inducing and mind-altering substances at Rave parties and Electronic music festivals has been documented and exposed by many, many others:

During the Seventies a man by the name of John Todd was saved and delivered from his involvement in Satanism. He traveled throughout the United States visiting various churches with a mission to warn Christians about the horrendous Luciferian inspiration and control over the music and entertainment industries. He spoke with an insider’s knowledge. While many of his claims sounded bizarre and wild, he has since been proven as true. A former member of Public Enemy, Professor Griff, has been publicly exposing the true nature of the Hip Hop and Popular music industries for years now. In addition, Professor Griff cites other sources who have left the industry with anecdotes pointing to the rampant Satanism, homosexuality, and hidden agendas (which are no longer being hidden, as any cursory examination of almost any music video will discover overt symbolism and occult reference) within the music and entertainment industries.

Here is an excerpt of Professor Griff exposing the Hip Hop industry. Beware, the language does get salty at times:

Here’s a thought-provoking video providing snapshot interviews of artist’s who have literally entered into a blood contract with the destroyer:

John Todd exposes the methods used to meld demonic power to an entertainment product:


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