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The Demonic Science of Mind Control (Part One)




Devil's Eye



The Demonic Science of Mind Control (Part One)

The Use of Mnemonics and Sigil Magic in Television and Media


Author: Sean Jutzi
Original Source: The Only One Way blog – 04.04.2015


The following eleven-minute video provides a background into the history of television and its use to program and condition the viewer. Television was never designed to entertain, it was designed to control minds and set social agendas using entertainment and news/information formats. Entertainment, including the sports industry, was part of this plan. Bear in mind that a great deal of research went into the implementation of television and media technology as a means of propagating certain social agendas before the first broadcast ever even aired!



A common device we are seeing more and more of is the use of mnemonics to induce a low-level trance–a sort of mild hypnosis–in the mind of the viewer. By using carefully researched and designed circles and colors the viewer’s mind is induced into a trance state, which is designed to open the mind to receive suggestions, moods, and information–all without any question or concern. You are being manipulated, and you don’t even realize it!
It isn’t just the mainstream news outlets which are using these devices, it is sports broadcasts and information outlets who are also utilizing these methods. Bear in mind, the trance state is not deep enough to incapacitate you or cause an immediate and drastic change in behavior. The trance state is mild and subtle (although there are some uses of the mnemonic circles which do induce a deeper trance-like state.) They are banking on the fact that you will watch enough of their programming, over a long enough period of time, with the end result being a gradual and long-term change in your thinking and attitudes.

Following is a twenty-minute video wherein the use of mnemonic circles is demonstrated and deconstructed:



Finally, I am including a fifteen-minute video which discusses and demonstrates the science behind mnemonics and the direct application of mnemonics and sigil magic in your daily television and media presentations:



I have one more video to present concerning the use of sigil magic/mnemonic circles in media programming and media presentation, however, as it is a forty-minute video I will present it as Part Two of the ‘Demonic Science of Mind Control’ series. Stay tuned!


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