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The Truth About The palestinian Rock Throwers




New Website Exposes The Truth About Palestinian Rock Throwing

Author: William A. Jacobson
Source: Legal Insurrection – 10.14.2013

We have featured Pallywood here many times, the Palestinian industry producing everything from outright video hoaxes to mere gross exaggerations all in the name of demonizing Israel.
CNN Exposed Faking Syrian News Reports

But there is an even more pernicious western media version of Pallywood, the outright bias and misleading characterization of acts of terror against Israel.
Everything Is Fake Now

These actions often are deliberate provocations set up by media and activists who side with the Palestinians, in which a phalanx of photographers and videographers waits to catch an Israeli soldier responding to a provocation. The use of children as provocateurs is a common tactic, and nothing plays better in the media than the image of an Israeli soldier confronting a child.
The Top 50 Examples Of Liberal Media Bias

But those children often are engaged in violent behavior, particularly rock throwing. A “rock” can shatter a skull, or in where thrown at a moving vehicle, can cause a serious accident.


To the media, rock throwing is no big deal. Because the media has not been on the receiving end.
Top Ten Reasons For Media Propaganda Against Israel


That’s where a new website, The Truth About Palestinian Rock Throwing, comes in. The website, which just went live, aims to expose the western media failure to report the truth about these acts of violence, often committed by “children”.
7 Media Secrets

It’s first video is The Wadi’a Maswadah Hoax:

“On July 12, 2013 major elements of the Western and Arabic “news” media engaged in a campaign to elicit sympathy for a 5-year-old Palestinian boy, Wadi’a Maswadah, whom they claimed was “arrested” or “illegally detained” by the Israeli military.

The furor began after videos were posted by an anti-Israel “human rights” group, that depict the boy erupting in a crying tantrum, amidst heavily-armed Israeli soldiers.

In reality, the boy was caught throwing rocks at passing Jewish cars, the Israeli soldiers stopped him, brought him to his home, waited for his father, then delivered them to the Palestinian Authority police.

What these “news” entities and “human rights” group did not present, however, is the names and stories of any of the Jews who have been maimed and killed as a result of Palestinian rock-throwing, including 3-year-old Adele Biton, who was left with traumatic brain injury just four months earlier.”


In its initial press release, the group explains why the website was started.

The website contains a chronology of rock throwing attacks that caused serious injury, and also explores financial contributors to the entities behind the rock throwing.

There is a particular focus on The UN-RWA’s enabling of Palestinian terror incitement and child indoctrination, and has started a Petition:


The anonymous creators of the website do not receive any government funding, only private donations.

The website also has started documenting how western media glorifies the rock throwers, but ignores the victims, as in this Huffington Post slide show (image via TTAPRT):


Link HERE to view the slide show


Legal Insurrection will continue to publish this excellent work exposing The Truth About Palestinian Rock Throwing.


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