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Liberals Unmasked




Source: Rapture Ready
Pastor: J.B. Hall
this sermon was originally presented at Fairview Baptist Church, Mt. Vernon KY. The sermon text is Romans 1:18-32.




Introduction: Today, politics deeply divides Americans; and with the media having become the propaganda arm of the government, helping shape the political landscape, the debate over liberal vs. conservative views is at fever pitch.

While modern day liberals always try to paint conservatives in a negative, fanatic, dangerous light, and while many “so-called” conservatives bring disgrace to the title, the difference between true liberals and true conservatives is found in their differing views of God.

The word liberal is a good word…a Biblical word.

Proverbs 11:25a says, “The liberal soul shall be made fat…”

James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

Sadly though, the word liberal like so many other words such as gay, choice, freedom, etc., has been hi-jacked by God-rejecters and used to put a pleasant, acceptable face on the evil they promote.

In Romans, Chapter 1 I believe we find a vivid picture of modern day liberals and liberalism. Let’s examine these Scriptures today to see how God takes the mask off these ungodly people to reveal the true origin, nature, and purpose of these modern day liberals. Let’s look at this picture of “Liberals Unmasked”.

1. Verses 19–21Today’s version of Liberalism begins with the rejection of clear, evident, known truth about God.

A. It is not that liberals are unsure, or are unable to believe in God.
B. Verses 19 & 20 make it clear God has clearly revealed Himself to them by irrefutable evidence; so much so that they are without excuse to acknowledge Him to be God.
C. The problem, according to Verse 21, is that “…when they knew God, they glorified him not as God…”
D. The result, then, according to Verse 18, is that they “…hold the truth in unrighteousness;”
E. In other words, they hold back, or suppress the truth by standing in unrighteousness.
F. The problem then, is liberals’ rejection of the Godship, or headship, or authority of God.
G. Liberalism, then, is not just an alternative political, social, or cultural view.
H. It is plain and simple rebellion against the Almighty God!
I. Liberalism begins with the rejection of clear, evident, known truth about God.
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2. Verse 21b A liberal’s rejection of God results in him viewing life through a darkened heart resulting from vain imaginations.

A. When you reject God’s truth about your world and life, you have to invent an imaginary, made-up, concept of the world and of life.
B. A liberal views the world from an imaginary perspective.
C. He lives in a fantasy world of made-up realities.
D. This imaginary, fantasy world he lives in distorts his view on everything.
E. Verse 31 says he is “Without understanding…”
F. Verse 22 explains to us that while they profess themselves to be wise, they are in fact fools.
G. Psalms 14:1a says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…”
H. Psalms 53:1a says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…”
I. That’s why you see liberals taking outrageously ridiculous positions on very serious issues.
J. Why would a liberal think that the most effective way to deal with fanatic evil called terrorism is dialog and negotiation; that passive dialog is more effective than aggressive offense when it comes to fighting terrorism?
K. Why would a liberal apologize for America to try to placate those who wish to destroy her?
L. Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh asks the question, “How can you negotiate with someone whose starting point is your death?”
M. Why would a liberal think it is more important that other nations in the world like us than respect us; that it is more desirable to have other nations’ approval, than to take personal national steps to protect our citizens from evil attacks by fanatic, religious zealots?
N. Why would a liberal elevate the right of someone who wishes to end the life of an unwanted unborn child or an unwanted infirmed individual over the right of the one marked for death to live?
O. Why would the liberal elevate the perversion of self-evident gender roles that have been so since the beginning of time to legitimacy and forced acceptance by those who oppose this perversion?
P. It is because that in their foolish dark hearts they have developed an imaginary world in which they live, causing them to lose touch with reality so that they are left with no common understanding to discern between truth and error, right and wrong, good and evil.
Q. Their rejection of God’s truth has left them with no spiritual or moral compass to guide them through the issues of life that affect us all, and that we all have to deal with on a daily basis.
R. According to Verse 22, in their rejection of the truth they have become fools.
S. So then, a liberal’s rejection of God results in him viewing life through a darkened heart resulting from vain imaginations.
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3. Verse 22In the darkness of the liberal’s imagination he believes and professes himself to have superior wisdom.

A. Verse 30 says they are “…proud…” and “…boasters…”
B. This arrogant assertion of liberals’ surmised superiority in wisdom naturally impels them to seek positions of power.
C. This supposed superiority leads them to think they have the right and responsibility to exercise authority over the masses that, of course, “do not have the wisdom to make decisions or provide for themselves.”
D. Thus, these self-proclaimed elitists just cannot understand why when their plans and ideas are rejected.
E. They usually think it is either because the normal people are just too mentally deficient to get it, or that they have just not explained it sufficiently to them.
F. The arrogance and condescension of these liberals would be laughable if it was not for the fact that other God-rejecters have been duped into believing their fantasies of superiority, thus making them legitimate contenders for positions of leadership.
G. This insatiable thirst for power drives them to respect nothing but power.
H. This is why they always seem to either take the side of, or go soft on, ruthless dictators and abusive tyrants while they castigate our own duly elected officials who seek to discharge their duties with justice and equity.
I. The liberals’ rejection of the authority of God also causes them, in the foolishness of their darkened hearts, to think themselves to be an apt replacement for that authority.
J. Thus, this assumed authority will always compel liberals to get involved in issues that are none of their business, and to relentlessly pursue power to micro-govern the lives of other people they think to be endowed with far less wisdom than them.
K. In the darkness of the liberal’s imagination he believes and professes himself to have superior wisdom.

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4. Verse 23The liberal is given to changing the entire culture to fit his distorted model of reality.

A. Since they have rejected God, they must become “…inventors of evil things…” according to Verse 30.
B. They cannot accept or operate according to truth because then they would have to acknowledge God and His unchanging, unalterable truth.
C. Thus, they have to invent ways of explaining and dealing with our universe that exclude God.
D. Changing the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man and other creatures causes them to generate theories with irreconcilable inconsistencies as they attempt to explain the universe we live in apart from God.
E. The great example of this made up reality when it comes to creation and our subsequent existence is the theory of evolution.
F. This changing of the glory of God also causes liberals to take extreme positions when it comes to animal rights and the relationship of animals to man.
G. Why do liberals elevate animal life, and sometimes plant life, to the status of human life?
H. Why is it taught in schools that man is just a more highly evolved animal?
I. Why do liberals think it is their job to oversee the maintenance of the food supply for creatures?
J. Why do liberals think we are the sole proprietors of planet earth; but that it is man who is the greatest threat to the earth’s existence?
K. Why do they think population control is solely man’s responsibility?
L. Beware of the term “sustainability” or “sustainable development”.
M. These are code words for population reduction and control (eugenics).
N. In Elbert County, GA stands a stone monument shrouded in mystery known as The Georgia Guidestones, or The American Stonehenge.
O. Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the common capstone are 10 Guides, or commandments.
P. The number one Guide, or commandment, is: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Q. This would require the extermination of nine-tenths of the world’s people.
R. When one rejects God there is no one left to depend upon for the welfare and maintenance of his universe but man himself.
S. What arrogant irony that liberals work themselves silly trying to attend to responsibilities that God has reserved unto Himself.
T. Verse 25 sums up their folly. Instead of expressing appreciation to God for their environment and the creatures that inhabit it with them, they worship and serve the very things God has put here for our benefit and enjoyment.
U. Yes, the liberal is given to changing the entire culture to fit his distorted model of reality.

5. Verses 24–28The liberal, in attempting to liberate himself from the guidelines set forth by God, thinking them to be restraints to his self-expression, enters into a perverted lifestyle.

A. Liberals are so intent on extricating themselves from the authority of God over their lives, we are told 3 times here that God gives them their way.
B. In Verse 24 we are told, “…God …gave them up to uncleanness…”
C. In Verse 26 we are told, “…God gave them up unto vile affections…”
D. In Verse 28 we are told, “…God gave them over to a reprobate mind…”
E. God gives them up to uncleanness, and up to vile affections, and ultimately gives them over to a reprobate mind, a mind completely devoid of reason and decency.
F. While perversions of all kinds mark the lives of liberals, none is more prominent than the perversion of the male/female roles.
G. In America this perversion began as a movement for women’s rights.
H. Then, the marital roles were discarded for what was termed in the 1960s “free love”.
I. This perversion has now progressed into same-gender physical intimacy.
J. And now, according to Wikipedia, “Politicians and political parties have expressed support (for same-sex marriage) and of the two main parties, the Democratic Party has the greatest number of supporters, but the cause has also been championed by some Libertarians, Greens, Republicans, Socialists, and Communists.”
K. Sin is progressive; it cannot be satisfied at a given level. It must move to greater and greater levels of perversion just to generate a sense of pleasure.
L. The mass movement into perversion of physical intimacy is usually one of the last stages a people enters before the fall of that culture.
M. Jude, Verse 7 says, “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”
N. If the perversion itself does not bring about the disintegration of a culture, God will sovereignly exercise His authority in judging that nation.
O. Remember in Leviticus 18:25–28 that God destroyed the nations that committed these abominations and gave their lands to the children of Israel.
P. He then reminded them (the children of Israel) not to commit the same abominations lest He spue them out of the land, too.
Q. According to these verses, sexual perversion is the stage at which God gives a people over to a reprobate mind and allows them to pursue the wickedness they have so striven with Him to gain the freedom to pursue.
R. And my friends, we are at that stage in America.
S. The liberal, in attempting to liberate himself from the guidelines set forth by God in His Word, enters into a perverted lifestyle.
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6. Verses 29–31The liberal, having gained the freedom to pursue his own perverted view of reality, is filled with all manner of wickedness.

A. Let’s look at a few of these descriptions and at how they play out in the lives of liberals in the political arena.
B. Covetousness – Liberals are extremely self-focused individuals. They are always internally focused rather than externally focused. Their rejection of God has made them the center of their own universe. Those who belong to God, on the other hand, are, or should be, externally focused. Churches must make it a priority to transition from an internal focus to an external focus – not just being about meeting and greeting and eating; but about outreach.
C. Maliciousness – (hateful, Harboring ill will or enmity without provocation; malevolent in the extreme; malignant in heart.) Liberals use every means and institution at their disposal to try to completely destroy anyone who opposes their viewpoints.
D. Debate – (strife) – Liberals are in constant disagreement with someone, always seeking to argue about some point in an attempt to establish their own superiority.
E. Deceit & covenant-breakers – To liberals deception is simply a means to an end. Truth is of little value unless it produces the desired outcome. Covenants are just tools in their arsenal of deceit. Covenants are not to be taken seriously unless they produce the desired end.
F. Implacable – (Not to be appeased; that can not be pacified and rendered peaceable; inexorable; stubborn or constantly at enmity). Liberals cannot be appeased. They can never accept a reasonable position or action, if it is in disagreement with their position.
G. Unmerciful – Liberals take no prisoners. They cannot be satisfied until their opponents are utterly destroyed and eliminated. Anything short of elimination for an opponent is unacceptable.
H. Liberals, having been given over to a reprobate mind, are so full of themselves that every area of their lives is perverted. They are incapable of assuming a correct perspective on almost any issue.
I. The liberal is filled with all manner of wickedness.

7. Verse 32The liberal is not satisfied to be a personal participant in wickedness; he must also champion the cause of others who are participants in evil, also.

A. The first part of the verse reminds us liberals do not enter the lifestyle of perversion or champion the perversion of others blindly.
B. They know “…the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death…” yet they rebel, knowing their actions will bring the judgment of God.
C. Defiant to the end is an apt description of liberals.
D. Instead of becoming involved in causes that will benefit humanity, they give themselves to promoting perversion and suppressing righteousness – see Verse 18b again…they “…hold the truth in unrighteousness;”
E. Therefore, liberals will almost always come down on the side of those who oppose Biblical principles, regardless of the issue involved.
F. Ever wonder why a radical feminist would try to protect and placate Islam, one of the most abusive ideologies toward women ever contrived?
G. It makes no sense that someone supposedly committed to promoting women’s rights would champion the greatest abusers of women on the planet.
H. Liberals always champion the causes and participants of all manner of evil, even if those causes are not ones they themselves are personally interested in.
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In Conclusion:

Modern-day Liberals are those who have rejected God and His authority over His creation. Thus, they are compelled to invent a made-up reality that of necessity opposes all that is true or Godly. That is why they are in constant opposition to righteousness and those who belong to God.
The entrenched political establishment in America, both Democrat and Republican, are almost completely comprised of those who oppose God and everyone who will side with Him – liberals, or progressives as they like to call themselves.
The goal of both political parties is usually not truth; it is to be in power. If there are compromises along the way, these are simply written off as adjustments that were necessary in order to achieve their objective. Many, and perhaps most, politicians who have made politics their lives, often utilize deception and compromise as tools to achieve their goals of obtaining and/or maintaining power.
Those who belong to God, however, must be issue oriented; not party or personality oriented. If a candidate for office aligns himself with Biblical principles, he must be your choice for office. If a candidate opposes Biblical principles, he must be rejected, regardless of party affiliation or personal likableness.

Instead of being a Democrat, the Christian must be a Biblicrat.
Instead of being a Republican, the Christian must be a Biblican.

The child of God must learn to vote by faith, not by fear…choosing to vote only for those who espouse Biblical positions, and refusing to vote for those who do not.
So, on what basis will you choose who you will vote for?

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