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The Secret Service and Your Mental Health


Secret Service Power Expansion Sought in CO

Author: Chris Bacavis – 25 Mar 2013


Sometime this week, a vote is expected in the Colorado General Assembly on Senate Bill 13-013. The bill would provide so-called “Peace Officer” powers to Secret Service agents in the state who’d prefer to have more police-like powers. The head of Colorado’s Secret Service has already admitted to the Senate Committee that they want this power for “the ability to put somebody on 72-hour mental health hold.”

This all seems pretty timely, especially recalling my post from several days ago on Jim Bensberg’s support of an expanded presence of federal agents in the state. It even has “bipartisan” support: Republican Steve King and Democratic Elizabeth McCann are its main sponsors!

Here’s more from Jen Raiffie of Watchdog Wire on the implications of this:

Recall last summer when former U.S. Marine, Brandon Raub, was illegally detained and placed on a similar mental health hold in Virginia for alleged “anti-government” posts on Facebook.

So what was so threatening about this former US Marine’s post? Nothing. In a Facebook note titled “The Truth” that lists grievances against the American ruling establishment. Raub expresses his belief that the American principles of limited government and personal liberty are expiring and that corporations and international bankers run the state, not the people. Raub has directly called for the arrest of bankers and politicians who consistently defy their oath to the United States Constitution. Brandon Raub got lucky; he was released in part due to the wide publicity that was gained from a viral video of his arrest. Others are not so lucky.”

Just as it is with something like the 4th Amendment-violating Patriot Act, this ultimately isn’t a question of whether you’re lucky or law-abiding enough. The old neo-con line of “If you’re not a terrorist, you don’t have anything to worry about” has worn thin and been repeatedly revealed for the folly it actually is. Even Brandon Raub was simply expressing a personal view.

Where does the erosion of civil liberties end when violating the Constitution isn’t even seen as an indisputable stopping point? What are the boundaries?

When government force is King, I would argue, there are no boundaries.

Thanks to Colorado C4L State Coordinator, Matt Holdridge, for the info.


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