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The Deadliest Video (and Barrack Obama)!

Exposing the Heart of Barrack Obama

This is the video that Barrack Hussein Obama and his antichrist administration forced the Fox network to pull from scheduled broadcast.
Please watch this video repeatedly and remember that we can remove Barrack Hussein Obama (with prayer and vote) from our nation’s capital and throw him into the trashcan of history.

Link here for Youtube video!

Barrack Hussein Obama is the greatest threat to the freedom of the Republic of the United States of America.

1.) His Marxist (Communist) political beliefs are dedicated to the dismantlement of our Constitution.
2.) His Marxist (Communist) philosophies and ideologies are dedicated to the destruction of any facet of our society which is founded upon Biblical principles.
3.) His Marxist (Communist) heart is threatened by any form of personal free will and the God-given right of every human being to live with prosperity, wisdom, and free choice.

But greater than this is:

1.) His Muslim background and love for the religion of Islam is dedicated to the dismantlement of political, religious, and personal freedoms whenever these freedoms contradict that monstrous document of hatred known as the Koran (Quran).
2.) His Muslim background is rooted and grounded in a religion that hates and actively seeks to murder, imprison, and enslave Jews and Christians.
3.) His love and sympathy for the religion of Islam and all Muslim nations has led to his administration deliberately:
a.) fermenting, supporting, and aiding (with finance and materials) a political revolt in Egypt for the sole purposes of isolating Israel and empowering a radical terrorist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

b.) allowing known members of terrorist groups to teach in mosques on our soil.
c.) indoctrinating our schools (at all levels) to cause our children to believe that Islam is peaceful while portraying Christianity as a danger to the system, while history and our nation’s experience shows that the truth is absolutely in opposition to this.
d.) refusing to offer any aid whatsoever when Christians are being murdered in number (systematically slaughtered) by Islamic regimes while giving utmost assistance whenever a single Muslim would seem to be endangered.
e.) Giving millions of dollars in financial aid to the building and establishing of Islamic schools, mosques, and religious community centers to the Muslim community (through indirect agencies and trust funding) while directing the Justice Department to directly ignore any threats, intimidation, or attack which the Muslim community continually direct towards and Christian individual or group which dares to publicly preach in the Name of Jesus Christ to the Muslim community, or any individual or group which dares to publicly link Islam and the Koran (Quran) to terrorism and threats of violence against American institutions.

Islamic Center of America

Islamic Center of America

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